Vivender – Election Platform

Vivender Adunuri, P.Eng., FEC
for the position of 2020 PEO Western Regional Councillor.

VOTE for ME for Western Region Councillor

My priorities as a Western Regional Councillor include the following:

– PEO’s 2018-2021 Strategic Objective Number 4 calls for the engagement of chapters as a valuable resource. Being on the chapter board and as a chair for the past 3 years, I feel that chapters should be considered as branch offices for the delivery of regulatory outreach programs. I participated on the planning committee of CLC (Chapter Leaders Conference) in November 2018 and suggested several themes, such as protecting the public. This resulted in complaints and enforcements being incorporated.

– I am a strong believer in focusing on Regulation first so that we can execute licenses for the EIT’s. This will increase the revenue from new membership and hence our voice with the government.

– My experience from managing the chapter’s business plans, I feel the need to get involved at a Council level to recommend a fair way of allocating funds to the regions. This can be achieved by making a few changes to the distribution formula based on activities rather than the number of EIT’s and P. Eng.

– We need to enhance the work of 30×30 as discussed at the CLC Conference by approaching women and encourage them to join our profession.

– I believe the time has come to consolidate certain committees but without diluting the hard work and purpose envisioned by our previous leaders.

I strongly believe that I am an excellent PEO candidate for 2020 Western Regional Councilor and hope the members of the Western Region will vote for me.

VOTE for VIVENDER ADUNURI as your Western Region Councillor

Thank you for your support, vote and trust